“Innovations in Governance in the Mediterranean Region with a Special Focus on Methodologies for the Transfer of Innovations”

Knowledge management implies transferring ideas, as well as know how, skills and lessons learned in the implementation process of an innovation. Knowledge management depends heavily on the ability of both parties to recognize and communicate knowledge. For example, when it comes to recognition, the idea behind a specific innovation is more important than the innovation itself. The originating organization has to articulate knowledge, while the recipient organization has to explain and use knowledge for good practice, often in a modified or adapted form.

Organizational change starts with strong leadership, a clear vision and an organizational culture supportive of innovation. The chances that change may occur increase if leaders communicate about the need for change within the organization, as well as with other stakeholders. The latter has to be managed carefully resulting in a sense of direction. Social capital is vital to the creation, implementation and dissemination of innovation.

Factors that hinder innovation are for example administrative formalism, a change in a law or adoption of a practice without reference to contextual variables and structural/institutional barriers that inhibit the implementation of an innovation. The natural tendency of people to reject a practice ‘that is not invented here’ doesn’t facilitate the innovation process either. One of the purposes of this Meeting is to provide a methodology for the transfer of innovations in public administration. As you know, the objective of this Meeting is to provide a platform to:




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